kitty litter box, you might want one with lid, BUT WITH a large opening so you don't have to remove the top, or not...but it must be cleaned out 2x per day...they do not like to go where they have been. Some will only pee in 1 & poo in another.

Dr Elsey's litter I find is the best. & a mix of 50-50 walnut by Blue Baffalo.

 or newspaper (exquisite-from petsmart) this is good, non tracking & soft on kitten’s feet & I use an open litter box, no dust

Or the Breeze system by Purina, on Amazon (I use this as it has pee pads you only change weekly (& remove feces as you see them) very clean-really like this one. Unfortunately only available in U.S., Amazon, Walmart (excellent price at Walmart) Petsmart,Petco

Cost for box $40, pee pads Walmart 4@$6. Pellets @ 7. This is a great system

~Or you can look at the Cat Genie, hooked up to water line & self cleaning.

 Food (ROYAL CANIN kitten instinctive chunks), you can mix the Royal Canin in with the Dry kibble & the wet Royal Canin in with the Authority, if you are transitioning to other food, which your other cats eat, please do this over a 2 week period, Kitten has enough changes to deal with.

He will probably cry the first few days looking for his siblings. Time to comfort & cuddle him. & cuddle & play some more & cuddle some more

 wet & canned food pet smart

  - Authority kitten (pets smart brand)

  dry kibble (mix 50-50) with tablespoon on coconut oil mixed in, glossy kibble

 - Purina Plus- Focus- kitten chicken & rice (pets mart) or Authority Kitten they like

 Pet food store

 - Fromm beef Livattini Veg (smaller sized kibble) (pet food store) I really like this one small kibble size. 

- Fromm cat kitten/chicken they love also..mix in coconut oil also

-Primal freeze dried chicken & salmon (I give 1 cube at night 4 my adult cats - probably 1/2 cube anytime is fine) pet food store 

I have been feed AM, Noon, PM & before I go to bed.

 Leave dry kibble out for all time feeding mixed with coconut oil, to glisten.

I am on a well so they have been getting bottled distilled water.

if you notice kitten stool is hard, you can add a 1/4 tsp of organic whole Psyllium Husk from health food store.

 DISHES: metal or ceramic dishes, no plastic


Small size fleece shirts, if you can find them, & tshirts (petsmart or pet store) he will come in a coat & blanket with queen scent on it. To assist in transition.


Walmart has the large heating pads, with the NO shut off option, approx $45. 

Qtips-good quality (for spot cleaning in ears)

 cotton balls

 Eye Cleaning:  extra gentle saline solution in the contact eye section of drug department (used to clean out eyes) you can use warm water also on the eye pad for (mix 50/50 with water)

 Eye cleaning: use your make up pad with warm water, & gently wipe the eye area. If your kitten looks like wearing eye liner, there is dirt there. Take a moist Qtip & run it gently across the closed eye. This should remove any allergens.

  cleaning moisture. tear gel. for dry eyes (hairless cats sometimes need a little gel added to their eyes)

 Baby wipes, you can spot clean if kitten gets stinky bum, or food on face, do not use for eye wipes. -These are also good for cleaning the nail beds on your kitten.

 Nail Beds: Please check nail beds, by extending nail out. It should not be brown,,,this is dirt. Clean with baby wipe. I use a little coconut oil, massaged into each toe, they go back & clean with baby wipes.

 Do not buy eye wipes, this is for tear stains & not for eye cleaning.  I do use these to clean the nail beds tho, they seem to do a good job on that.

 Dollar Store or Walmart:

 few fleece blankets from the dollar store, approx. $2.50 each. (I will send 1 with him)

 eye make up pads, that you cut in quarters, to clean his eyes, daily or 2x daily

 toe nail clippers, to clip nails 

kitten toys

baby shampoo or cat shampoo

cardboard scratching pads (they are used to this & if you clip their nails & have a scratching pads about, you shouldn’t have furniture problems) 

3% hydrogen peroxide to add to final rinse water container, after bath. 

some tshirts- -size S probably

Other: coconut oil (costco sells large) or health food store

 Cat tower, with scratching pole, & a boxed in area. These kittens have no fur so enjoy a boxed in area. 

Cat bed, like a cave bed-they love the cave beds. keeps the drafts away.


Vet Items to get 

eye cleaner (I use 50% saline extra gentle contact lens section drug store with 50% distilled water in a small plastic pump bottle from the dollar store)

 ear cleaner


Your hairless kitten will need a high protein diet, soft and dry food with fresh water.
It is recommend to continue with what your breeder has been feeding the babies. If you would like to add a supplement we suggest canned pumpkin (just a spoonful, mix this into their wet food once a day.  For hard stool, apple sauce mixed into the wet is more agreeable it seems.


Breeders have come to the conclusion that Lysine may hinder the cat's own development of their immune system, some have stopped using Lysine, and I am in agreement with their stand on this. I do not use Lysine, except during pregnancy & first 4 months since birth.

 powdered lyzine (give 1/4 scoop mixed in with wet food in the AM) (1/8 teaspoon)

Lysine is a Vitamin

However, if your Vet recommends it, then this was the dosage that Breeders use to recommend.

 Fortaflora is a supplement & will assist in the transition, they love this sprinkled on their food, will help him eat. Aids in digestion. I would continue with Fortaflora.



The crate he comes in, with a heating pad, would probably be a good home start, has all his familiar scents in it & will comfort him considerably. Just remove the door & put the heating pad in there with his blankets.

 Please ensure kitten has a private area for the 1st weeks (days) to climate to it’s surroundings, this is a baby & has to adjust. (ie ensuite bathroom.)

 Doesn’t mean leave it alone, bring it out into your surroundings, wrapped in a blanket. They feel comfort & security in the blanket. The more you hold the kitten & talk softly to it, the sooner it will adjust.

 They have to know where their litter box is & where their food is. 

They are just like a new baby. if introducing to pets, keep kitten in it’s kennel & introduce slowly. It will feel safe in it’s home. After a few introductions you can bring it out, wrapped in a blanket & hold it securely.

If you have another cat, switch their blankets after a few days, this will give each kitten the other’s scent.

 Do not put kitten in an area, where it can hide under furniture....this increases it’s anxiety & will take longer to introduce to your home.

 The kittens are used to a radio on 24x7 since born, I did this so they are used to noise, voices, & music. Please leave music on if you are not home & kitten is isolated. Even the TV with movement helps them feel someone else is in the room.


  Shampooing your kitten see video 

Have everything ready by the kitchen sink

  large towel


 coconut oil (this helps dispel the dirt

  large container that you can put your rinse water in (add 1/8 cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide) 

put approx. 4-6 inch water in, warm, not hot, not cold in your sink, or pan. I use a pan.

 on the towel, slather the kitten down with the shampoo & a little coconut oil, add a little water in your hand & suds up, make sure belly area & neck are soaped up.

 when you have lathered up, & covered all the areas, then put in sink/wash pan, hind legs first, then front, talking to kitten all the time.

 Add water in your hand & lather some more, when you think you & kitten have had enough, then take the jug of warm water & do a final rinse off. Have a cloth handy to wipe down his head & ears.

 Hold in towel till dry & then put on clean clothes...don’t want a chill.


  Any questions, please call or text, the less stress on you & the kitten the better.

  Brenda Main, Heavenly Hairless Peterbald,

 1 604 763 1904  cell

email to:

Stress to your new kitten can bring on Upper Respitory infection, keep a close eye on your kitten's eyes, if they are watery, this means a cold is onset due to stress, time to visit your Vet. I recommend: Clavamox, Zithromax, &/or Azithromycin. Your vet probably has never seen a Peterbald, but if he has Canadian Sphynx clients, then he will be familiar what works for Upper Respitory for the hairless breeds & other pedigree cats. These are not your usual house cat & have to be watched closely till they settle into their new homes & family routines.

All kittens/cats can have this issue brought on by stress. This is not a reason to feel your kitten is unhealthy. It has gone through a lot, leaving it's littermates, possible air travel, change in peoples & additional cats, children & surroundings. All equal Stress.






Time to clip the Peterbalds nails!  Whoa!?  Some Hairless cats are animals... When it comes to cutting their nails.  If you will be patient and take time, there is nothing to it.  Some Hairless cats you can just pick up and cut the nails easily, others will need to be calmed down a bit.  You can do this by first feeding her.  After she has used the litter box & is ready to settle down, this is a good time to pet her and begin the process (while you watch your favorite T.V. show). 
 Have your supplies ready, a towel (to hold her with) and your good glasses!
Did you know the Peterbald has webbed feet?  
Yes, and long fingers.  Before you begin, have the right tool, you'll need a pair of cat claw clippers.  These are available at any pet store, or big box store in the pet isle.  They are pretty cheap so if you have an old dull pair, just get a new pair.  They cost about $3-$4. You can use toe nail clippers, too.Take the Peterbald kittens front paw, spread it out, note where the pink is (called the "quick") and DO NOT cut into, if you do & it bleeds, dip foot/toe into cornstarch..this will help stop the bleeding.