Abbotsford BC CAN 

FROM:                              Evan Duggan
Vancouver Correspondent
Xinhua News Agency  
TO: Brenda, 
Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. I found the story on youtube. It also ran in print on our wire service so that means it got a huge audience. Here’s a link:

This was our 1st show..Feb 27 to March 1 st. 2015.

There were over 110 cats entered.
Only  Heavenly Hairless 2 Russian Peterbalds showing:
 Molly Emerald a naked blue, with green eyes  
Buster Only My, lilac with yellow eyes

Both were imported from Siberia, Russia, thru "ONLY MY Cattery"

Owned by Brenda Main
Heavenly Hairless Peterbald Cattery, Langley, BC Canada

Molly Emerald & Buster Only My were real troopers on meeting the huge crowds that were there to meet a Russian Peterbald, for the very first time.  
We had crowds  OF 30-50 people around us and many little hands wanting to touch a Russian hairless cat. Molly was most obliging.

Many Thanks to Evan Duggan of Xinhau News Agency for filming the Cam Am Cat show portion.

There were only my 2 Russian Peterbalds in attendence, with Molly Emerald featured, to the world via, their news cast, twitter & youtube.

Many thanks to the exhibitors for the warm welcome we received & all the knowledge the Judges were kind enough to share with the large crowds.

We totally enjoyed ourselves & know now what to expect for the up & coming Cat Fanciers show in White Rock.BC CAN March 14 & 15th 2015

Support your local cat shows..come out & meet a Russian Hairless Peterbald & all the other amazing other breeds.