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This contract is between Heavenly Hairless Cat/kitten(s) herein listed as the Seller/Breeder and the Person or Persons listed below, herein after referred to as the Buyer and concerns the sale of a Kitten/Cat(s) described as a PETERBALD. This contract is valid for only 48 hours, deposit & signed contract must be received by Breeder, from initial date emailed. Breeder has first pick of any kittens listed.

Time is of the Essence.






Phone: _____________________________________________________

E-Mail: _____________________________________________________



& KITTEN NAMED or colour description:



Date of Purchase ___________________, 202...

 Registration # _______________________(will be supplied at time of Delivery)

Color/Pattern: _______________________Eye Color: _____________________
(Seller does not guarantee eye/or coat color or coat type as this can change as cat/kitten matures.)

Sex: _______ Sex: _______ Date of Birth: _________________________________

SIRE: ___________________________________________________

DAM: ______________ _____________________________________
Veterinarian: Dr. Ohm (Cloverdale Animal Hospital) Surrey, BC. Can.  
Date Altered (Pets are altered prior to owners taking possession):  ALTER CERTIFICATE WILL BE PROVIDED

Next Vaccination Due: ________________202.....      (Health Records will accompany delivery)

Microchip number - ________________________________________(inserted at alter date) 

Prices to be confirmed between Seller & Buyer, depends on kitten chosen. (examples only)

Selling Price PET KITTEN : 

Born Naked $3000.00                              Flock $2500.00           Full Coat $2000.00

Chamois      $2500.00                              Brush $2200.00

(per confirmation with Breeder) varies on coat type, contact breeder

Non-refundable deposit of:                        $___200.00______________________

Balance Due:(A)                                        $_________________________

14 days prior to shipping/delivery/pickup


Buyers Signature:___________________________________________________________


Sellers Signature:___________________________________________________________



Plus any extras for the shipping of the kitten as noted below.

Plus applicable extra costs: (please cross off items as agreed upon with breeder

Crate/Carrier fee: Y..  N..                  $   65.00    (INCL WATER/FOOD DISHES, blankets,clothes)

Travel time Can. airport Y.. N..           $ 100.00    YVR extra if to U.S.

International Health Cert  Y.. N..         $..50.00......     (Airlines require this certificate)

Travel Transporter to U.S. Y..N..          $ ..350.00    if courier to Seatac

Rabies if to US or Ontario                      $      50.00 subject to change

Broker Border if to US                            $ 400.00 US  subject to change

Air cargo US : est $350.00 Y..N..             $______________(may ship collect if possible)to confirm )

Total Shipping expenses: (B)               $_______________(additional shipping costs as above)

Plus net Total of Kitten (A):                $_______________(kitten less deposit)

Total Net Monies Due:   (C)                 $_______________ (kitten, less deposit, plus shipping)

Kitten/cat sold as ___Pet* ___Show* ___NO KITTENS ARE SOLD WITH BREEDING RIGHTS.
   ......   PET: {altered, & show rights as indicated on litter Registration }
  ......   SHOW: ( sold with show rights-no Guarantee of winnings)



Buyers Initials _______



1. Buyer will not surrender kitten/cat to any research facility, pet shop, Humane Society, Animal Shelter, Rescue group or similar facility. This remains in effect for the ENTIRE life of the kitten/cat. We will not ask questions as to why you can no longer provide care for the above kitten/cat. Buyer agrees to tell family members about this clause.

Buyers Initials _______

2. Buyer agrees that if the kitten/cat is found to be neglected or mistreated, Breeder/Seller shall have the unconditional right to reclaim the kitten/cat WITHOUT refund of purchase price. Neglect shall include, but is not limited to: being left alone without human companionship for periods in excess of 72 hours; lack of proper sanitary facilities; being caged; poor health, and otherwise poor condition. Mistreatment shall include, but is not limited to: lack of proper food, lack of water, lack of proper medical care, and any form of physical abuse & declawing.

Buyer will be responsible for any veterinary bills directly incurred as a result of any neglect or mistreatment. Buyers Initials _______ Furthermore if for any reason the kitten/cat is returned to the Breeder/Seller, Buyer agrees to pay all expenses, including shipping costs, mileage and re-examination expense by Breeder/Seller's veterinarian. This examination will include a complete ‘viral panel’ blood test for FELV, FIP, FIA and FIV viruses. If kitten/cat is returned to Seller for resale on behalf of the Buyer, the terms of this resale will be agreed upon under separate written agreement. Buyers Initials _______

The cat/kitten is guaranteed to be of sound health upon arrival. It is guaranteed for a period of 36 Hours from the purchase or arrival if vet checked within that time. It is recommended that the new cat / kitten be in quarantine for at the very least this first 72hr to 2 weeks.

3. Buyer accepts the responsibility of caring for the kitten /cat and will provide properly for its welfare and understands this kitten/cat is being sold as an indoor only kitten/cat. BUYER agrees to keep the kitten/cat indoors at all times in a clean and pleasant environment, uncaged, with companionship, and adequate space for exercise. Above kitten/cat is ONLY allowed outdoors while on a leash and while under close supervision. Buyer understands that allowing a kitten/cat to roam freely outdoors could cause kitten/cat to pick up a life threatening disease/illness from dirt/grass or other animals as well as causing other possible life threatening effects on kitten/cat such as being hit by a car or attacked by other animals. Peterbalds are even more vulnerable because of their lack of fur. It is comparable to being outside with unprotected skin. They are at risk of insect bites, sunburn, frostbite, and torn skin from sharp rocks or branches. The buyer therefore agrees that their companion pet will not be allowed outside except while in a carrier, when it is in a secured escape proof play enclosure, or on a leash.

Buyers Initials _______

 4. Buyer understands that there are many plants that are poisonous and toxic to kitten/cats. Buyer agrees to educate himself on plants that are dangerous to cats/kittens and agrees to remove or place all of these plants out of reach of kitten/cat before kitten/cat is in Buyers possession. Breeder/Seller will not be held responsible for injuries caused to kitten/cat by plants in Buyers home. **Buyers Initials ______

Declawing is Mutilation

Declawing is removing the kittens fingers, these kittens have webbed feet, this can cause the kitten to not walk, loss of litter box training, emotional trauma, & physical damage.There is a $5000.00 penalty to the Buyer from the Seller, for having this kitten declawed. The penalty is due & payable at the time the kitten will be reclaimed by the Seller. The buyer acknowledges that the Kitten/cat will not be declawed, now or in the future. If the Buyer can not keep the cat it is to be forfieted to the Seller, for rehoming, no charge to the seller & no refund to Buyer. Kitten/cat must be vet certified as healthy to come back to Seller, at the expense of the Buyer. 

5. Buyer understands that Declawing is a Mutilation involving the amputation of a large portion of the Cats' toes (Monkey fingers), which will alter the kitten/cat's temperament and general mental & physical well-being. Buyer understands that if the kitten/cat is declawed it will render the health guarantee *VOID*.

Buyer agrees that above kitten/cat will NEVER be declawed and that adequate scratching posts and regular nail trimming will be provided.  If cat is declawed the seller has the right to seize the cat/kitten at no recourse by the buyer, plus all expenses incurred.

 Buyers Initials _______

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6. *If Cat is sold as "Show Cat", Buyer agrees to enter cat in competitions only in peak show condition as expected in entries for TICA or other Cat Fancier Associations. Because Breeder/Sellers can not determine how a kitten will grow and mature to any definitive degree the Breeder/Seller does not and can not guarantee this cat will win any kind of award from any Cat Association &/or  similar organization. Many factors come into play, such as illness, injury and grooming which play a big roll in a cat winning awards at Cat Shows. Kittens sold may be shown at the descretion of the Seller to the Buyer, for entertainment sake. Winning is in the eye of the Judges.

Buyers Initials _______

7. Buyer agrees that a kitten/cat, when entering a home where there is another animal present, will be isolated for a period of up to 2 weeks and will only be gradually introduced to other animals in the home. It is strongly advised that even a kitten entering a home with no other pets should be gradually introduced to the household, being isolated in one room with its waste container and food for at least two weeks, to allow for adjustment to its new home. Each kitten/cat will differ in the time it needs to bond with its new family. Please allow the kitten/cat ample time to adjust, especially if the kitten/cat has been shipped. A period of two to four weeks should be the very least amount of time allowed the cat/kitten for an adjustment period. Longer if this is an adult cat or there are children in the house. Please give your new friend and family member a chance to bond with you and its new surroundings. Your new kitten/cat needs to feel safe and secure for its unique individual personality to surface.

Buyer understands that kitten/cat can come down with an URI (Upper Respiratory Infection)/Cold due to the stress of moving. This is not a reason for return of kitten.

Buyers Initials _______

8.The Breeder/Seller has completed all of the age-appropriate vaccinations, worming, medical examining, and altering for cats/kittens purchased as pet or show alter by the time of purchase and an original neuter/spay certificate from a Licensed Veterinarian. Registration papers from TICA, if applicable, will be provided in a timely fashion.

At no time should the cat/kitten be given Feline FIP. FeLV leukenia Vaccinations. If Buyer does authorize these vaccinations, this will void the Health Guarantee.Their systems can not tolerate some "normal" vaccinations & may cause extreme illness or even death.

Buyers Initials______

The Seller, has given the total vaccinations that your kitten requires. If in future, you require Rabies to enter into a foreign country, then that is your choice.

Your kitten/cat should not require yearly vaccinations. If you are concerned, then have your Vet do a Titter test, which will give you the levels of the previous vaccinations & not overload your kitten/cat with extra unnecessary toxins from the vaccinations. Do Not Over Vaccinate.

9. BUYER agrees to provide yearly veterinarian examinations and to keep kitten/cat's recommended vaccines up to date, if required, for the duration of kitten/cat's life, per the Titter testing, as well as obtain proper veterinarian care if illness is suspect or an accident has occurred.
Buyers Initials______


10. Breeder/Seller does not guarantee against treatable nuisances (such as fungus, yeast, internal parasites, Upper Respiratory Infection etc.) which are not life threatening and are considered to be common to the breed or can/could be brought on by stress. However, Breeder/Seller would never knowingly place a kitten/cat with any of these conditions.

Buyers Initials _______

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Terms of Health Guarantee:


1.   The Breeder/Seller, Heavenly Hairless Cattery, provides a 36 hr limited warranty guarantee that the above kitten/cat is in good health at the time of purchase. Free of external and internal parasites and infectious diseases The Breeder/Seller also warranties that the kitten/cat is free of the feline leukemia virus (FeLV), , and the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIP) at the time of purchase.

In order to validate the warranty, the Buyer must take the kitten/cat to a licensed veterinarian within 36hours of the date of purchase, excluding holidays and weekends, at the Buyer’s expense. The Buyer must notify the Breeder/Seller of any claim under the warranty immediately.  The kitten/cat may be returned to the Breeder/Seller within five days for a full refund or exchange for a new kitten/cat. If no replacement is available at the time of return, the Breeder/Seller will have up to one year to furnish a comparable kitten/cat. The kitten/cat cannot be returned for compensation after the guaranteed period has expired and/or if the above kitten/cat has been exposed to another cat. Breeder/Seller will not honour any health guarantee if the kitten/cat dies of a virus from contact with another animal not bred by Breeder/Seller. It is highly recommended that the above kitten/cat be quarantined during that 36-hour warranty period.

-Under NO circumstances is the kitten/cat allowed to be "destroyed" prior to notification of the Breeder/Seller. Breeder/Seller is not responsible for illness, injury, or death caused by or during shipping. We prefer that you come in person to pickup the above kitten/cat.         Buyer’s initials _______

1. A) If the kitten/cat described above should die within a year of the date of purchase due to a congenital or hereditary defect, the Breeder/Seller will replace the kitten/cat with another kitten/cat of comparable quality or value as available to Buyer at the discretion of the Breeder/Seller, if the Breeder/Seller receives proof of the defect in the form of a complete and appropriate autopsy report completed by a licensed veterinarian and performed at the Buyer’s expense as proof of death. *Under no circumstance will Breeder/Seller be held responsible for any veterinary expenses incurred by Buyer at any time for any reason for this Cat.                                           NO CASH REFUNDS. Buyer’s initials _______

If for some reason the cat/kitten is to be returned we require a statement as to the health of the other cats in the household by the Buyer’s Veterinarian prior to returning this Cat. The resident cat(s) must be free of parasites, fleas, ear mites, and communicable diseases in order for this Piebald to be returned. Upon its return, it will be replaced with another cats / kitten of equal value. If no replacement is available at that time, seller will have one year to furnish satisfactory replacement.


If the terms of this contract are discovered to be wilfully or maliciously broken by the Buyer, the Breeder/Seller can and will exercise their legal rights to I) withhold the cat's registration papers from the buyer or ii) demand the unconditional return of the cat.                        Buyer’s initials _______


Due to the many factors involved in rearing and caring for this kitten that are beyond the control of the Breeder/Seller, there can be no guarantees on fertility or temperament. Buyer understands and agrees to the Above: (Terms of Health Guarantee).

Buyer’s initials________

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No kitten is to be resold, once purchased. If you can not care for the kitten(s) then Buyer is to notify Seller & return all kitten(s) to the Breeder. At Seller's expense. Each kitten is microchipped & traceable.

Buyer’s initials________

Seller's Breeding Program:

 A. Breeder has the right to with hold kitten for their use, if kitten matures to the benefit of the Breeder's breeding Program.

The Breeder will offer Buyer: a kitten/cat replacement as agreed by both parties or a Refund of deposit.

Buyer’s initials________


Heavenly Hairless Cat contracts are comprehensive because they are meant to offer full protection for the kittens/cats we raise in our home. No cat or kitten will be delivered or shipped to its new home before we receive a signed contract and payment in full. Breeder/Seller has the unconditional right to reclaim kitten/cat without refund of purchase price for any breach of contract. Breach of contract penalty is $500.00 per item.            Buyer’s initials _______



Changes or additions to this Contract must be initialled by ALL Parties.

Buyer’s initials _______


Any legal action which may arise under the terms of this contract will be brought in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Buyer shall be liable for any court costs and related charges including attorney’s fees associated with Breeder/Seller enforcing the terms of this contract. In signing this document, Buyer acknowledges that he/she has read, fully understands, and agrees to ALL of the terms and conditions stated above. The laws of the Province of British Columbia shall be controlling.

Dated this………day of……………………..,20….

 At……………………………………………………………………….,state/prov ……………………………


Buyer’s signature: _____________________________ Date: _____________,2017

Breeder/Seller signature:___________________________________________

Heavenly Hairless Cat