We at Heavenly Hairless Peterbald thank you for stopping by and seeing our Kittens available for Sale & information about this amazing breed. We would like to know who stopped in to see us, and possibly thank you via Email. Please remember to purchase your new family member from a reputable breeder. If I don't have kittens I can refer you to a reputable breeder. We honour each other with our clients to help fulfill your wish to have a Peterbald. There are lots of "BACKYARD BREEDERS" just in it for the money. HELP SHUT THEM DOWN..DO YOUR HOMEWORK. GET REFERENCES..& CHECK OUT THE REFERENCES. A BREEDER WILL GIVE YOU REFERENCES..CALL & GET FEED BACK ON THE BREEDER, CALL THEIR VET..GET FEED BACK. Have a Great Day & Thank you for viewing our kittens. They are an extension of our souls. They touch our hearts & hoped they touched yours. Happy Hearts are the Best.
Written by Virginia Mannino on Mar. 21, 2015
Brenda cares deeply for the Peterbald and buyers. She takes care of her cats like family and insures the kittens are healthy to new owners. This is major when buying a kitten. All the Best Brenda! Virginia Mannino Atlantis CATS!

Written by Michele on Oct. 27, 2013
Hi Brenda,

Just stopped in to see your gorgeous kittens. Keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing more of your cats in the future. LOL

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